University of Liège

Group for Research and Applications in Statistical Physics (GRASP)

GRASP conducts studies of numerous complex systems: nanoparticles, granular suspensions, powders, colloids, foams and emulsions, self-associating systems, chaos and non-linear phenomena.

This group, composed of 25 researchers, is developing measuring methods and instruments for the detailed characterisation of the rheological behaviour of granular media in flow or during the compaction process. The studies are being developed to reproduce, as far as possible, experimental conditions found in industry. These efforts are taking shape through numerous collaborations with pharmaceutical and additive manufacturing companies.

As part of the PowderReg project, GRASP will provide its expertise in modelling granular materials. The group will look at the influence of powder formulation on flow and compaction. Air temperature, humidity and particle shape will be key points of focus for these studies.

major publication:

G.Lumay, F.Boschini, K.Traina, S.Bontempi, J.-C.Remy, R.Cloots, N.Vandewalle,
Measuring the flowing properties of powders and grains,
Powder Technol. 224, 19-27 (2012)

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