University of Luxembourg

Luxembourg XDEM Research Centre (LuXDEM)

The LuxDEM Research Centre is focusing its research on developing a new and innovative numerical simulation method to simulate multiphysics applications: the Extended Discrete Element Method (XDEM). Unlike the traditional DEM method, this method can be used to include the thermodynamic, mechanical and electromagnetic properties of each particle. Coupled with Computational Fluid Mechanics (CFD), the XDEM method covers a wide range of industrial applications and has strong predictive capabilities for mass and heat transfer between particles and fluid.

As part of the PowderReg project, the LuXDEM Research Centre will look at new powder simulation models and develop the associated pre- and post-processing tools. It will also carry out coupling with CFD tools so that numeric results can be compared with data drawn from experiments.

Major publications :

A. H. Mahmoudi, F. Hoffmann, M. Markovic, B. Peters and G. Brem, Numerical modeling of self-heating and self-ignition in a packed-bed of biomass using XDEM, Combustion and Flame 163, 2016

E. Copertaro, P. Chiariotti, A. A. Estupinan Donoso, N. Paone, B. Peters, G. M. Revel, XDEM for Tuning Lumped Models of Thermochemical Processes Involving Materials in the Powder State, Engineering Journal 20, 2016

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