Who we are

A cross-border collaboration

Initiated by Sébastien Kiesgen de Richter, a researcher at the University of Lorraine’s LEMTA laboratory, the PowderReg project stems from extensive experience in the rheology of complex environments. The project brings together laboratories specialising in powders and granular media from various universities in the Greater Region: University of Lorraine, Saarland, Liège, Luxembourg and Kaiserslautern. Two industrial partners, Granutools and Novacarb, are actively involved in the project. PowderReg aims to structure a cross-border research and development sector of excellence in the powder industry, its main objective being to provide a better understanding of the processes involved in the transport, storage and forming of these industrially relevant materials.

The teams

The partners


This project is co-funded from the the European Union with the European Regional Developement Fund (ERDF)