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The PowderReg project aims to boost the competitiveness and attractiveness of the Greater Region, and is part of a plan to optimise processes applicable to industrially relevant powders within the highly developed sectors of the Greater Region (agrifood, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, construction). These sectors are continually looking for the latest technological advances made through basic and applied research in order to increase their ability to innovate in the production and processing of high-added value products involving these materials (steel, medicines, ceramics, plastics, refractories). This project is founded on a rich combination of cross-disciplinary scientific and technological skills within the various universities of the Greater Region (Universities of Lorraine, Saarland, Liège, Luxembourg and Kaiserslautern) and is joining forces with industrial partners (NovaCarb, Granutools) to create a new sector of excellence. Its main objective is to establish an experimental rig (a demonstrator) and develop digital tools for use by universities and industries in the Greater Region that are involved in this sector. The PowderReg project will thus provide tools and skills to characterise the various contexts and situations relating to the supply, transport and forming of powder formulations having various industrial relevance.

The consortium is at companies’ disposal for exchanging on primary issues concerning the sector: please take contact with us in order to receive further information on the project and if you are willing to present us your company.

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605, 2021

News in Factuel

The information journal of the University of Lorraine speaks about PowderReg : https://factuel.univ-lorraine.fr/node/16847 (article in French).

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