PowderReg at CHoPS 2018

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PowderReg at CHoPS 2018!   International Conference on Conveying and Handling of Particulate Solids (CHoPS) 2018 From the 10th of September PowderReg will participate at the International Conference CHoPS in Greenwich. During a special session dedicated to the project, PowderReg participants will approach the theme of powders and [...]

Let the co-operation grow – part II

2018-07-02T18:31:40+00:00 juillet 2nd, 2018|

Let the co-operation grow – part II   PowderReg Meeting – Luxembourg Project partners met on the 30th of May in Luxembourg to discuss and finalize a mid-term scientific program: a scheme concerning the different scientific actions is presented on this occasion and it outlines in detail what should be done in [...]

PowderReg going Europe!

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PowderReg going Europe   Annual European Rheology Conference - Sorrento PowderReg partecipated in the Annual European Rheology Conference in Sorrento, a meeting at European level for rheologists from all scientific fields, from academy to industry and government laboratories. In particular, some project participants held presentations on the following themes: - M. Jenny [...]

Let the co-operation grow – part I

2018-07-03T10:33:17+00:00 juillet 2nd, 2018|

Let the co-operation grow – part I   SCIENTIFIC MEETING -  LUXEMBOURG After the discussion on the scientific results carried out in the last months by project participants, the discussion moves towards the collaboration possibilities between PhD students of the different partner universities. The co-operation is indeed increasing, but it may head [...]

PowderReg facing Europe

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PowderReg facing Europe COMITÉ D'ACCOMPAGNEMENT | PROJEKTBEGLEITAUSSCHUSS - Nancy On the 9th March project participants met for an important stage in PowderReg’s life: the “Comité d’accompagnement | Projektbegleitungsauschuss”. During this meeting, they gathered with Interreg and regional authorities, and some first level controllers to discuss about the first year of activity, the [...]

Aptitude à l’écoulement de poudres alimentaires

2018-02-08T10:51:09+00:00 février 8th, 2018|

Aptitude à l'écoulement de poudres alimentaires Jennifer BURGAIN, Jeremy PETIT, Claire GAIANI et Joël SCHER ont contribué au dossier sur les innovations dans le domaine des poudres alimentaires dans le numéro de novembre-décembre 2017 du magazine industries Alimentaires et Agricoles. Deux articles ont permis de faire une synthèse générale des compétences du LIBio [...]

Comportement de suspensions granulaires…

2018-02-08T10:52:07+00:00 septembre 9th, 2017|

Comportement de suspensions granulaires... Quantifier l’impact des vibrations sur les propriétés rhéologiques des suspensions granulaires trouve son intérêt dans de nombreuses applications, que ce soit environnementales ou industrielles. Par exemple, comprendre l’influence des secousses sismiques sur la liquéfaction des sols ou encore quantifier les vibrations à appliquer au béton pour une mise [...]

Offres de STAGES

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Offres de STAGES Télécharger les documents ci-dessous pour plus d'informations : Offre de stage 1 Offre de stage 2